[RP13] Electrical and Mechanical Drone Beamforming, IITP, 2018~2023

[RP13] Electrical and Mechanical Drone Beamforming, IITP, 2018~2023 In this project, we develop electrical and mechanical drone beamforming algorithms to improve the performance of target detection and wireless communications. Actual drone systems are implemented to evaluate the proposed algorithms. We plan to employ deep learning algorithms to further improve the performance of drone control optimization and… Continue reading

[RP12] Self-powered Miniature Nationwide Mobile Position Tracker System Technology, IITP University IT Research Center (ITRC), 2017~2023.

In this project, we study and develop a communication/network system for active mobile trackers working without any extra power source. In the mother project, fundamental technologies underpinning a self-powered miniature nationwide mobile position tracker system are developed. As the third sub-project, we develop wide area sensor communication network systems to support the active trackers.