A new research project on “Self-powered Miniature Nationwide Mobile Position Tracker System Technology”, funded by IITP ITRC.

In this project, we study and develop a communication/network system for active mobile trackers working without any extra power source. In the mother project, fundamental technologies underpinning a self-powered miniature nationwide mobile position tracker system are developed. As the third sub-project, we develop wide area sensor communication network systems to support the active trackers.

NI Hands-on seminar and practice for 5G network research

At June. 30, the NI technical seminar & practice were held in UNIST.  The Software Defined Radios (SDN) is have emerged as a viable prototyping option for next generation wireless research. After introducing about NI SDN, the practice was proceeded using LabVIEW comms/ Universal Software Radio Peripheral (USRP) reconfigurable I/O(RIO) system. The main activities were focused on understanding algorithm for Field-programmable gate array… Continue reading

Immersive 5G Near-Zero Latency Network

  [From left: Kyunghan Lee, Hyun Jong Yang, Hyoil Kim, Changhee Joo] 5G mobile will be here by 2020. Remote surgery, cloud streaming gaming, drones, and robots will be all envisioned in 5G to bring better access and life-changing futuristic services to many. 5G will support 1,000-fold gain in capacity, hyper-connections for billion devices, and… Continue reading

Hyun Jong Yang et al. publish a journal in IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology: "Multi-User Overhearing for Cooperative Two-Way Multi-Antenna Relays”

“Overhearing at users can increase the total data rate in two-way relay networks” Chunguo Li (Southeast Univ.), Hyun Jong Yang (UNIST), Fan Sun (Stanford Univ.), John M. Cioffi (Stanford Univ.), and Luxi Yang (Southeast Univ.) got acceptance for the paper ” Multi-User Overhearing for Cooperative Two-Way Multi-Antenna Relays” in IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology (IF: 2.642) on June… Continue reading

AiSLab aids KRISO for measurement campaign: “Shallow-water Acoustic Variability Experiment 2015”

[Figure: Underwater Acoustic Communication, *WHOI.edu] The Shallow-water Acoustic Variability Experiment 2015 (SAVEX15) is a joint underwater communication measurement campaign led by University of California San Diego and Korea Research Institute of Ships & Ocean Engineering (KRISO).  The measurement will be conducted in shallow water (100m deep) in the Northern East Sea, ~100km southwest of Jeju… Continue reading

AiSLab Hosts Hyundai Autoever: "Future Vehicular to X (V2X) Communications"

[Figure: Cooperative Intelligent Transport Systems (C-ITS), *한국지능형교통체계협회] The AiSLab hosted Hyundai Autoever and gave a talk about “Next Generation Wireless Access in Vehicular Environment (WAVE)” on Apr. 28, 2015. The AiSLab group presented a brief summary on the conventional WAVE technologies including IEEE 802.11p and V2X in 3GPP, and overview of the ongoing research projects… Continue reading

Hyun Jong Yang and Hyunmyung Oh give a special invited talk: "5G Multiple-Access: Latency vs. Spectral Efficiency”

From Apr. 15 to 17, the 25th Joint Conference on Communications and Information (JCCI) was held in Buyeo, Korea. Prof. Hyun Jong Yang and Hyunmyung Oh were invited to give a special talk “5G Multiple-Access: Latency vs. Spectral Efficiency.” In this talk, a new mega trend in the mobile communication toward ultra-low latency was introduced… Continue reading