[RP6]: Interference Management in LTE Pro Small Cells, ETRI, June 2016 ~ Feb. 2017

  • [RP4]: Interference Management in Dense Small Cells, ETRI, June 2016 ~ Feb. 2017



  • In the next 3GPP mobile communication networks, unlicensed spectrum will be also used for LTE communications, which has been used only for WiFi communications. Unlicensed spectrum, unlike licensed spectrum, is free to use for anyone if the FCC regulation is met in the transmission power and etc. In the future, users in small area networks, such as small cells, will experience very high data rate with the aid of this additional unlicensed spectrum in the LTE technology. However, the challenge is to peacefully coexist with other WiFi devices in terms of interference. In this project, we study interference management techniques in LTE Pro small cells.