Hyun Jong Yang et al. publish a journal in IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology: "Multi-User Overhearing for Cooperative Two-Way Multi-Antenna Relays”

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Overhearing at users can increase the total data rate in two-way relay networks

Chunguo Li (Southeast Univ.), Hyun Jong Yang (UNIST), Fan Sun (Stanford Univ.), John M. Cioffi (Stanford Univ.), and Luxi Yang (Southeast Univ.) got acceptance for the paper ” Multi-User Overhearing for Cooperative Two-Way Multi-Antenna Relays” in IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology (IF: 2.642) on June 2015. In this study, they showed that the data rate of the two-way relay network can be improved by allowing one user to overhear the signal transmitted by the other user. In particular, multiple relays equipped with multiple antennas are considered to further enhance the performance, which constitutes a cooperative multi-antenna relay network. Precoding matrices at the relays are derived in pursuit of minimizing the weighted mean square error.  Simulation results show that the proposed scheme shows not only lower MSE but also higher achievable sum-rate than existing cooperative relaying schemes.