AiSLab Hosts Hyundai Autoever: "Future Vehicular to X (V2X) Communications"

C-ITS[Figure: Cooperative Intelligent Transport Systems (C-ITS), *한국지능형교통체계협회]

The AiSLab hosted Hyundai Autoever and gave a talk about “Next Generation Wireless Access in Vehicular Environment (WAVE)” on Apr. 28, 2015. The AiSLab group presented a brief summary on the conventional WAVE technologies including IEEE 802.11p and V2X in 3GPP, and overview of the ongoing research projects in the US and Europe. In particular, PHY/MAC details of 802.11p were covered and several potential but critical technical issues that may happen in a very dense future vehicular network were addressed. The AiSLab then shared group’s technical vision towards the future Cooperative Intelligent Transport Systems (C-ITS) [Figure], which is the Korea  version of the next generation vehicular network being envisioned by the Korea government. In this future network, possible services include not only the broadcasting services regarding public safety or emergency information, but also the two-way transactions such as tolling and internet access. The Hyundai Autoever, the research institute in the Hyundai group studying the infrastructure of the C-ITS, also shared their long-term vision on this project.