Hyun Jong Yang and Hyunmyung Oh give a special invited talk: "5G Multiple-Access: Latency vs. Spectral Efficiency”

JCCI2015From Apr. 15 to 17, the 25th Joint Conference on Communications and Information (JCCI) was held in Buyeo, Korea. Prof. Hyun Jong Yang and Hyunmyung Oh were invited to give a special talk “5G Multiple-Access: Latency vs. Spectral Efficiency.” In this talk, a new mega trend in the mobile communication toward ultra-low latency was introduced with future killer applications. To achieve the ultimate goal of less than 10ms of the end-to-end latency, problems of the current multiple-access technologies were addressed. In particular, one of the promising multiple-access technologies achieving very low latency, the generalized frequency division multiple-access (GFDMA), is analyzed in two aspects: latency and spectral efficiency. Preliminary results showed that there exists a trade-off between the two aspects.